Friday, May 25, 2012

Working Miniature, Dollhouse Arco Lamp Video Tutorial

After many months of preparing and dwelling on the idea, I have finally finished my video tutorial.  The hold-up was over the lack of a tripod.  There was a whole long histoire about filming, with lots of drama.  Eventually, as with most issues, I decided to do without a tripod or a cameraman and do things ghetto style - if anyone in the ghetto ever decided to make a movie about DIY dollhouse arco lamps, that is.  The result is one of the most amateurish videos ever, but it is my first.  I am proud of it.  If the process is overwhelming and you prefer to buy a finished lamp, visit  Enjoy the video!


  1. Love love love this tutorial! I got your etsy shop in my directory now! The lamp really looks great, I hope you'll get some more interest for it. :D

  2. this is so great!! thanks for making that video :)

  3. hi i am in australia and this weekend i brought a vintage one of the arco lamp it was 10 aussie dollars and rusty but i have cleaned it up and now it is like new can you tell me how much a real one of these lamps is worth although i would never sell it i love it.