Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Etsy Shop Gadget Up and Running

Hellow theyuh, loyal Petite Moderners. I have made so little progress during my summer on my shop, miniatures and business, that it is slightly mortifying. I dream all school year of my free time and how I will use it industriously, and I have not even three weeks left before I have to return to work and I have done, drumroll please, nothing! Well, nothing on the miniature front, that is. Plenty has been accomplished in the renovations-of-the-house area, and much has been accomplished in the arena of hanging-out-and-goofing-off.

Tonight, I am hoping to get back to work on my minis, um, in two days. See, today is almost over, and tomorrow my family is hanging out and goofing off. In the meantime, enjoy the addition of my Etsy store to the right of this post. Sometimes small things take a very long time. The smaller the item, the more work it takes!